Monday, June 8, 2009

I Lie to my Kid

Ryan's best friend is Bear, a teddy bear head and arms stuck to a little blue blanket. When it became clear that this was THE bear, we tracked down an almost-exact back-up bear on eBay - we call it Doppleganger. We have tried to swap the bears with some frequency in hopes that they would wear out equally and the boy would be none the wiser.

Ryan hasn't noticed our deception. Yet. But the bears are starting to look pretty different:

Real Bear (right) has a crushed flat right arm, his ear is fraying, his nose has a gap in the middle, and he's generally ratty. Doppleganger (left) has a semi-crushed left arm, a gap on the side of his nose, a greasy stain on his forehead, and a strange little blue spot that we sometimes have to cover with a band-aid, and when we remove the band-aid it miraculously heals...

I fear it's only a matter of time before Ryan's intense attention to detail derails the whole ruse.

What lies do you tell your kids?


  1. But do you notice that real bear is smiling, and fake bear is not? There is a lesson in that; being chewed and loved is a wonderful thing. Here we can invoke the spirit of the Velveteen Rabbit.

    While I'm sure I probably did lie to my kid, self protection does not allow me to remember any. However, I will always remember that reheated tea is poison.

    Thanks Mom.

  2. We have 6 Gingers (the orange giraffe Charlie sleeps with). The first time Charlie saw 2 of them together (in the laundry basket) he flipped. He couldn't believe it asking over and over -- TWO GINGER's MOMMY???? Now, when one gets stinky, he asks for another. It's pretty funny.

    Our lies at the moment to our kids are mainly omissions or failing to fill in the details about our wacky families -- divorce, jail, death, deadbeatness, etc. There are certain things we'll have to tell them, just not now.

    Love the blog, btw.

  3. Lie I tell my kid: that he exists. Great blog :)


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