Sunday, August 30, 2009

Amazing weekend

Stu took Thursday and Friday off from work, so we had a long weekend to do family things (don't make me use the word staycation, I might vomit).  The Captain just kept astonishing us with his awesomeness day after day.  And it was the best kind of awesomeness: the kind that looks like totally typical kid behavior, that the average parent wouldn't think of as anything special at all.

Thursday afternoon at a playground, Ryan happily played tag with a little boy he didn't know.  He properly tagged the other kid without being prompted, and he reacted appropriately when the other kid tagged him.

Then we brought him to a nearby Tex-Mex restaurant.  Ryan chose to sit next to Stu in the booth instead of next to me (first time ever), then reached for a tortilla chip, like, "Yeah, when you're in a restaurant you eat the chips" kind of casually.  We ordered him a quesadilla, and he ate it; ate the whole thing.  Throughout dinner, he stayed at the table, colored on his placemat (first time ever), played contentedly.  We didn't have to chase him at all.

Friday we went to a children's museum that Ryan loves.  They have a fabulous water table room, and we always bring a full change of clothes for him because he has way too much fun splashing around.  For the first time, he let us put a plastic smock on him, so his clothes stayed mostly dry.

Saturday was another rainy day, so we went to the ball pit.  Although this is one of Ryan's favorite places in the world, he normally refuses to go into the tunnels or down the slides unless I go with him; this day, he played totally independently.  I've never been so happy to lose sight of him in a crowded place.

Today, we went to Playland for the first time all summer.  Last year, after much coaxing, we got him to go on two rides total and had to take him away after like 45 minutes.  Today, we had a great time there for over three hours. Ryan wore the admission wristband with minimal objection.  He flew a dragon, rode a carousel horse, and was totally giddy about The Whip.  He pointed out to us which ride he wanted to try next.  He was perfectly patient waiting on all the lines, even when other kids were squishing him and tickling his face with their hair.  He actually ate ice cream - he usually detests cold foods.  And as we were heading to the car, he announced that he wanted to go to the bathroom.  Oh yeah, and he kept his pants dry the whole day.

Rock on, Captain Awesome!

And eat this, Jason.


  1. That is awesome! Congrats on a wonderful weekend!

    You are an amazing mother and reading your blog is inspiring.


  2. That is one rockin' weekend! You sound so stress free!


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