Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's summer

It's officially summer vacation. Ryan has finished extended-year school, and now we have three weeks together before he starts his new school. Three long weeks. Just the two of us. No therapies, no imposed structure, probably few naps. Endless possibility, or countless opportunities to regress?

I imagine we'll be doing a lot of swimming. The boy has been displaying fish-like aspirations, although he doesn't know how to swim yet, or even blow bubbles in the water. Today at the pool, every time he got his face wet, he would run over to me (or Stu, or one of my parents) and wipe his face on our bathing suits. At crotch level. But he was splashing and laughing and walking barefoot and having a wonderful time.

As consumed with the idea of what to do with Ryan for the next few weeks, I am more anxious about what happens once he starts at his new school. The new school will be five full days - 9am to 2pm, no nap - filled with forced socialization and intensive speech, OT, and a form of ABA that emphasizes verbal communication. All of this will be wonderful for him, but I fear it's too much. Is it too much structure? What kind of wreck will he be when he gets off the bus at 2:30?

And what kind of job should I take on while Ryan's off at school? I would like to find something reasonably related to my field (theater management) that I can do from home or near home, and that doesn't require a huge commitment so that if we do finally find someone to buy our apartment (we've had it on the market since January) it won't be a big deal if I leave.

Any ideas, folks, for either summer activities or autumn jobs?

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