Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh boy, sleep! That's where I'm a viking!

Ryan is adjusting well to his new school, and I am unemployed.  I had a freelance gig during his first week of school, but nothing this week, and nothing on the horizon.

I could be more active about hustling to find another job, but I've been so busy with errands and whatnot that I just haven't gotten around to that.  Stu says I should take the opportunity to relax a little, but I haven't made time for that yet.  Maybe next week.

Really, I should carve out some time for unapologetic napping, even though I feel like I should be engaged in more productive endeavors.  Ryan has stopped sleeping, and therefore Stu and I have cut back as well.  He used to be such a sound sleeper - he would pass out at 7 or 8pm and we wouldn't hear from him til like 5:30am - but lately he starts crying or screaming every half hour or so, starting around midnight and going past 3am.  (He may make noise past then, but I think my brain turns off my ears after a while.)  If I wanted to be getting up every half hour, I  would have had another kid.

I don't know why he isn't sleeping.  He's tired, and he knows he's tired.  Miss Maria said he told her he was tired several times at school (omigod, he identified a feeling and expressed it to someone other than me!  Yay!)  The first thing he said when he got off the bus this afternoon was "Tired."  I assured him he could take a nap.  "Sleep!" he begged.  I sat him on his bed, took off his shoes, tucked him in, and as soon as his head touched the pillow, he declared "Car."  I asked if he meant he wanted to sleep in the car.  "Sleep in the car," he echoed.  I'd like to think that when he echoes me he's agreeing, but I'm not always sure.

I strapped him into his booster seat and pulled out of the garage.  "Playground!" he requested.  Ah.  Since I had been under the assumption he was going to go to sleep in the car, I hadn't packed a Mommy Bag.  I stopped to pick up a bottle of water and drove the very long route to a park.  He looked perfectly awake when we arrived.  He galloped up the hill and into the playground.

It soon became obvious he was way too tired for this adventure.  I dragged him back to the car, despite his protests that he wanted to climb more.  I headed for the parkway and drove for a long time, ignoring his requests to watch tv or drink juice.

Twenty five minutes later, he was asleep.

Ten minutes later, I pulled into my garage and transfered him to the umbrella stroller, whereupon he promptly woke up, demanded tv and juice, and refused to go back to sleep.  He remained cranky and overly emotional until bedtime.

Maybe tomorrow I'll use some of my unemployed hours to catch up on some lost hours of sleep.  Lord knows how long this phase will last.

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  1. Happy Birthday Ryan!!
    He is getting SO big. It's a delight to see him looking so animated these days, and really connecting with the world.
    I feel confident that he will continue to progress now........onward and upward!

    Thanks for your blog, Meredith, it's been insightful reading.
    Cheers, Bev


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