Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One step forward, two steps back

I've heard that when a kid is working toward a major step forward, he tends to take a few steps back. I guess the brain needs to focus on one area at the expense of others.  If Ryan's recent linguistic success is the step forward, I guess I should just suck up the regression, but man, it's so frustrating.

One major step back: the boy has stopped sleeping.  He has been waking up at 3 or 4am, ready for his day.  He announces this by knocking on thrashing against my bedroom door.  Repeatedly.  At 10 minute intervals.  We walk him back to bed, show him that his special green-means-go clock is still orange, announce that he will lose xyz if he turns on our freaking overhead light again, but nothing has helped. 

Another step back is my favorite subject, Potty Training.  Today we've had 3 accidents so far, and bedtime is hours away.  He is decidedly unimpressed by my offers of chocolate and stickers.

And he has cut back his diet to an even smaller array of acceptable foods.  Soon we'll be down to carrots, bananas, and cheese.

These setbacks may also just be because he has a cold.  Maybe the decongestants wear off in the middle of the night, his sense of taste is off, and he's just too tired and cranky to care if he's wet.  It's probably just that.  But it might be the regression that foreshadows the Great Leap Forward, and how cool would that be?  Imagine if his brain is just working really really hard to figure something out, and in a day or two something will click and he'll be carrying on conversations and understanding "if/then" statements and playing age-appropriate games with other kids?  What if we woke up tomorrow (it's my fantasy, so let's say at 6am) and Ryan were suddenly capable of peppering me with who/what/when/why/how questions?

But more likely, he just has a cold, and in a few days everything will be back to the way it was last week.

But I can dream.

I think my lack of sleep is showing.

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  1. It's normal for kids to "regress" when they are sick. My kids do it too, including potty accidents. Kids are also fickle about foods. There are tons of things my kids ate when younger and then changed their mind. That's normal, too. Carrington is only eating pasta, peanut butter and Dr. Praeger's spinach patties.


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