Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Comfort Pile

Most kids form an attachment to a comfort object - a favorite blanket, teddy bear, other plush friend - and drag it around throughout early childhood.  Ryan has a variety of lovies, each of which is important in its own special way.  All of them must be present at bedtime.  They are: Bear, White Bear, Brown Bear, Orange Bear, Blue Blanket, and White Blanket.

(This picture is from March 2007)

The main fabric friend is Bear - also known as Blue Bear and Two Bears (because it has a picture of a bear embroidered on it), Bear is a teddy bear head and arms attached to a little blue blankie.  Bear is Ryan's trusty companion when we're out in the world, even if he is spending more and more time tucked away in my bag.

White Bear wears a hat; that seems to be the extend of what makes him special.  He doesn't get played with much, and never gets hugged in bed, but he must be present at bedtime.

Orange Bear (which is really tan) is occasionally fun to play with and to hug while sleeping.

Brown Bear used to be Stu's childhood bear; Ryan doesn't treat him any differently than Orange Bear, but we know he's extra special.

Blue Blanket is a large fleece blanket I made out of a remnant.  It's big enough that he uses it as his sleeping-under-it blanket, but not long enough that it makes it to the end of his bed.  Blue Blanket makes for a fine tent, and we can all hide under it together when the world gets a little overwhelming.

And then there's White Blanket.  White Blanket is small - the size you would expect a child's favorite blanket to be - velvety on one side and satiny on the other.   Ryan has assigned White Blanket magical healing powers.  Whenever he is hurt - physically, and sometimes emotionally - he will request White Blanket, and will rub the satin side of the blanket on whatever part of him he perceives has been injured.  White Blanket has been following Ryan around the house lately, Linus-style.  It also makes a nice, if slippery, superhero cape.

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