Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I feel like things with The Captain are stable at the moment.  Yeah, I'm sure I just jinxed it, but the past week has been notably un-noteworthy.  Sure, there have been tantrums I didn't understand (something about "big potty little potty"), and there have been adorable misuses of the English language (like alerting me to a bath toy jammed on his wrist by saying "Can I have stuck please?"), but overall, I feel reasonably content and in control.

So I've turned my focus to quilting.  I enjoy piecing and playing with fabric.  It both relaxes and challenges me, and occasionally people pay me to do it.  Last year I started a blog to showcase my work, but things got busy, so I hadn't updated it since New Year's Day.  Until today!  Presenting a round-up of some things I've worked on over the last year:  Naptime Memory Quilts.

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