Monday, November 2, 2009

Shorties: Can I...

Ryan's been getting really good at asking for things.  He understands the formula: Can I have ___ please?  He does not yet understand that not all questions follow this formula.

Yesterday he was crying.  When he was finished, he tried to formulate a sentence to express that he needed me to use a tissue to dry his tears.  The result: "Can I... wipe off the cry, please?"

Later, his thumb was itchy, and he hasn't figured out that he can scratch his own itches.  Again, he made the effort to use words to get what he wanted: "Can... I... itchy the thumb, please?"  I modeled the right words for him: "Scratch my thumb, Mommy!"  So he tried again: "Can I... have... scratch the thumb... please?"

I love this generalization stage.  It's clear that he understands that we expect him to use language, and that stringing words together can get him what he wants, but he hasn't learned the natural patterns of language yet.


  1. That is great! Dylan who is just about a year older still has problems forming those types of sentences. So I say go Ryan!

  2. I was just bowled over when he asked me to take the wrapper off the candy. Wow!

  3. I love can I "wipe off the cry?" Sounds like a great title to a book! He's a copywrite genious. :-)


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