Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Awesome Month

I upload the pictures and movies from my digital camera and scans of Ryan's artwork to my external hard drive and sort them into folders by month - the photo album of the modern age.  A typical month will take up like 250MB.  December has been busy - 1.1GB busy.

First there was the Gingerbread House Incident.

We took Ryan ice skating for the first (and second) time.  He loved it - I think we're going to sign him up for lessons.  By his second time on the ice, he could take a few steps without holding on.  He even loved falling down.

We went to a birthday party at which Ryan totally passed for normal - played all the games, wore the ice cream, had a great time.

Then there was our extended family's Chanukah party, at which he played beautifully with his cousins and tolerated the, er, extreme volume level my family tends to produce.

Then there was Chanukah.  We don't really pay as much attention to Chanukah as we do to Christmas, but we gave him his first and second guitar (the first one exploded the first time I tried to tune it).

There was the joy of the Christmas season:

Another birthday party, with the added bonus of hypoallergenic cake:

We went to the Mermaid Theater of Nova Scotia's production of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  He was on the edge of his seat the whole time.

We met Bob from Sesame Street.  BOB!  I was way more excited about this than Ryan was.

There was the first big snowfall of the season, during which he enjoyed sledding, even when he got snow in the gap between his glove and his sleeve.

And Christmas, of course.

The Captain has glowed this month in all his awesomeness.  And he's cute, too:

Happy Holidays!


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  2. Happy holidays to you too! Seems to me like Ryan is "passing" less and less and "being" more and more.
    Here's to reading more about Ryan's great strides your fabulous blog in 2010!

  3. Meredith -- I remember your blog from about a year ago about Ryan's snow ventures. How different that post was! You and Stu and Ryan are all champions -- with Captain Awesome at the helm!!!!!


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