Friday, January 8, 2010

He's not Lance Armstrong yet, but...

This morning, Ryan rode his tricycle for the first time.

Over the past two years, I've tried to teach him to ride a tricycle.  I'd push his knees several times, then let go and encourage him to do the pedaling himself.  I would stand a few feet in front of him and tell him to ride to Mommy.  He would sit on his tricycle at one end of the long hallway between the buildings in my complex, ordering me to go "far," as if he wanted to ride to me, but he'd just sit there.  He would pedal his right foot forward once, then backward half a turn, then forward with his right foot again.  Santa brought a video game that's controlled by pedaling a stationary bike, presumably to encourage him to want to learn; Stu and I had to contort ourselves to prevent him from pedaling backwards while also helping him learn to steer.

This morning, immediately after Stu had left for work, Ryan asked me to open the front door.  I assumed he wanted to follow Daddy to the elevator, so I opened it.  Then he told me to unlock the outside hall closet.  And he tried to pull out his tricycle, which I had put away to make room for the Christmas tree, but hadn't bothered taking back out.  As soon as I brought it into the apartment, he sat right down and started pedaling.



Right foot.  Left foot.  Right foot.  Smile.  Left foot.  Giggle.  All the way from one side of the dining room to the other (maybe 10 feet).  I turned him around, and he rode across the room again.  He tried to ride across the living room, but the rug made it too difficult to negotiate, so I turned him around and he pedaled.  Through.  The.  Dining.  Room.  Again.  His face beamed with pride.  He kept looking over his shoulder at me, grinning a "Did you see that?!?" grin.

I grabbed the camera, of course, to film this tremendous milestone, but it seems there was some sort of technical difficulty (or Meredith-is-a-dork difficulty), and the camera didn't actually record the freaking movies.  But I swear it happened.  And I bet it's going to happen again.

I bet this spring he'll finally be able to ride around the patio with the other kids.


  1. Yay, Meredith and Ryan and Stu!!!!

  2. I believe you!! Yeah, you go Ryan!!!

  3. Just tell Grandma what kind of tricycle to go out and buy for her house. Why do I always cry when I read your blog?

  4. Alice, it's because she has a beautiful gift for writing. Well done.

  5. I see flaming decals, mag wheels and hydraulics in your future... Rock on, Ryan.


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