Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On Ice

Today was Ryan's much-anticipated first ice skating lesson.  As you may recall, we went ice skating with him several times last month, and he freaking loved it.  So it seemed like the logical next step to enroll him in the Tot Class - ages 4-6.

At the beginning of the class, he seemed happy to be standing behind his big orange road cone.  The instructors told the kids to push their cones across the rink.  Nine kids started shuffling; one stood still.

Various instructors took turns devoting their attention to Ryan, encouraging him to move his feet, trying to get him to pay attention to the task at hand.

He got totally lapped.

While he appeared to be having a fine time doing his own thing, it was heartbreaking for me to watch his total inability to follow directions like the other kids.  True, most of the children in the class were older, and he was doing almost as well as the other four-year-old boy at actually moving on the ice, but I hadn't considered that Ryan might need that much more individual attention than everyone else. I sobbed with the realization that even with all the progress he's made over the last year, my baby is still nowhere near ready to mainstream.

When I showed Stu the videos I had taken of the lesson, he was not at all distressed.  "He's doing his own thing.  He's having a good time.  There's nothing sad about this."  And I know he's right.  I know Ryan is going to have a terrific time for the next 13 Tuesdays, and he might even learn to skate.

I'm just going to have to keep reminding myself not to pay so much attention to whomever is behind all those other road cones.

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  1. Oh Meredith, I said the same thing about Morgan in ballet! She's just not that graceful and doesn't get the steps like the other girls and many times just does her own thing - but she's having fun & getting excercise.

    Did Ryan have fun? I hope so, it's that the point? :-)


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