Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kindergarten's Coming

The wheels are in motion to put my kid in kindergarten this fall.  His psych evaluation is slated for tomorrow (assuming it's not a snow day), his annual IEP review is in two weeks, school district-sponsored parent workshop on the CPSE to CSE transition is next month. 

Chrissy thinks the benefits of the academic challenge will outweigh the social risks that go along with being four years old and delayed among a class of typical six-year-olds.  I'm inclined to trust her judgment, but there's still a big old rock in my stomach.  I'm hoping at one of these meetings I'll learn about a small-class option, either inclusion or special needs only (my preference). 

I've been avoiding thinking about my nightmare scenario, in which the only public school option involves my baby thrown in the middle of 20 typical kinderg√§rtners, not speaking to anyone, getting pushed around and teased.  I'm going to be calm and wait for these meetings to fun their course.

If nothing else, my kid has good looks going for him. 

Seriously, how freaking cute is this kid?!?  That smile will take him far.  Maybe he'll be able to charm his way out of being teased.

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