Thursday, February 18, 2010

What We Did During School Vacation

We've played in the snow every day.  Lots of sledding, snowmen, painting the snow with spray bottles of colored water, jumping in slush puddles.

We made great use of the long hallway between the buildings in my complex.  Tricycle riding.  Rollerblading.  Endless games of tag.  Running around with the 2-year-old neighbor.

There's been lots of Play Doh and connect-the-dots.  We've gotten pretty good at writing the letter A.

Ryan spontaneously ran up to me, threw his arms around me, and shouted "I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!"  I think this was the second time ever; I got choked up.  Then he spent the rest of the day giggling maniacally while declaring, "I am not a peanut butter!"  I wanted to choke him.

And we learned many things.

On Sunday we discovered that if you play with an iPod too much, it will break and won't be able to sit in the speaker dock. 

On Monday we learned that our kitchen canisters are really fragile, and that they contained BPA so we shouldn't have been using them anyway.

On Thursday we learned that when you stick your shirt sleeve under the faucet, the color gets darker.  We learned this is true of the rest of the shirt as well.

Only three more days off before school resumes.  But there's a 30% chance of snow Monday night, so who knows if this vacation will ever have to end...

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  1. awww but it sounds like you all are having a great time
    i love you mommy are the best words ever and you only hear them a couple times if your lucky
    so im so happy for you


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