Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little signs of big progress

Ryan's had a couple of days of fabulous little moments - subtle signs of progress that make me so proud of my little guy, and grateful I can be present to see them.

Yesterday, we were walking to the park, really freaking slowly.  Ryan stopped; I kept walking.  Then I heard him call, "Mommy!" to get my attention.  This alone was huge - it's more common for him to quietly ask for something while he's in the living room and I'm in the kitchen and can not possibly hear him. 

So he got my attention.

He pointed at a dried-up brown crumbly leaf on the grass and said, "We can take this to Daddy!"  He formulated a plan for the future!  And he told me about it! 

He picked up the leaf and we kept walking

This morning, Ryan asked me (very politely and calmly) to open the shade and curtains on my bedroom window.  As we looked out the window, I said, "It's foggy today."  And Ryan asked, "What foggy?"  Meaning, "What does the word foggy mean?"  He has never before asked me to define a word he didn't understand.  And the inflection of the question was perfect - went up at the end and everything.

Little signs of big progress.


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