Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fill in the blanks

I've talked about scripting here before - echolalia is the more technical term.  It's easier for Ryan to pull a rote phrase from his quote machine to get his point across than to generate a brand new sentence.  Sometimes the quote machine runs amok and weird phrases start flying at me and I can't figure out where they came from.  But Ryan's short-list of the quotes he has selected as most important and meaningful have become pretty predictable.

Situation: I'm putting on Ryan's roller skates and knee pads.
What Ryan says: "This friend is trying to kill me!" (giggle giggle)
Source: Frog and Toad All Year.  Frog is stuffing Toad into winter clothes so they can go sledding.
Implication: "You're putting a lot of equipment on me!"

Situation: Ryan is peeling a banana.
What Ryan says: "Now let me see: a line going this way - uh uh - and a line going this way - uh uh - and another line going straight across."
Source: Sesame Street - "A's Anatomy" - Grover, the Alphabet Specialist, demonstrates for his lowly medical students how to reassemble a letter A that has been in an A...A...Accident.
Implication: The peel comes off in three pieces; the process takes a little concentration.  Appropriately, Ryan will also use this script when writing the letter A.

Situation: Any moment of frustration.
What Ryan says: "We'll catch that Letter C tomorrow." (very disappointed tone of voice)
Source: Word World - Pig and Ant wanted to make cookies, but their Letter Cs all rolled away. After much effort, they are giving up the search.
Implication: "I'm frustrated."

Situation: I give Ryan a glass of milk.
What Ryan says: "Mommy, look at all those bubbles!  Your milk is beautiful! Your cup is beautiful! Your straw is beautiful!"
Source: Unknown - possibly the episode of Sesame Street in which Mary Mary Quite Contrary is planting flowers next to Oscar's trash can.  People tell Oscar, "Your garden is beautiful!"
Implication: Um... pass.

Situation: We're playing hide and seek.
What Ryan says: "Big Buddy? Where aaaaaare you? I heeeeeeeeear you, but I can't seeeeeeeee you!"
Source: Word World - Pig is looking for Ant in a game of Hide and Seek.
Implication: Self-explanatory - this is how Hide & Seek is played.
Related: Sometimes he calls me Big Buddy in other contexts.  I think this is awesome.

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  1. I don't care what he says. Yesterday, he gave me a chocolate chip for keeping my pants dry all day. He can say whatever he likes.


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