Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Ryan's latest favorite occupation is drawing on his easel with dry erase markers.  It's the first thing he does when he's allowed out of his room in the morning, it's the first thing he does when he comes home from school.  Sometimes he will scribble for a full hour at a time, with an intensity that disturbs me a little.

Every so often I wander over and ask him to tell me about his picture.  "What are you drawing?" I ask.

He points to the easel and says, "This."  Then he goes back to work.

Sometimes I prompt him to draw something recognizable - a person, a monkey, a rainbow, his name - and he puts in some effort to go along with the exercise.  Then he returns to a pattern of long line, circle, scribble, line, circle, scribble.  He fills in the entire surface of the easel, then searches for his eraser so he can start again.

And of course, this activity is often accompanied by the recitation of the text of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  Over. And over. And over.  Sometimes, he'll even draw the coconut tree.

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  1. We're big Chicka Chicka fans at this house too. Yesterday Hannah even told Kyle she was gonna beat him up the coconut tree when she was racing him up the stairs to her bedroom!


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