Monday, May 17, 2010


A recent study has shown strong preliminary evidence of a connection between pesticides and ADHD.  In the study, children with higher levels of pesticide residue in their urine had increased chances of having ADHD.

ADHD is thought to be very closely related to autism.

Will additional research prove that this is the environmental connection we've been looking for to explain the uptick in autism diagnoses?  And can changing to an organic diet improve ADHD symptoms or autistic behavior?  I'll be staying tuned, and probably be spending a little more on my groceries...

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  1. I saw this and am interested, too. My oldest eats a lot more fruit and often has a hard time sitting still. My youngest doesn't eat as much fruit and can sit for longer periods. I usually think personality. I rinse my food but am wondering if I should use a little soap...which has been recommended. Maybe my oldest won't fidget so much.


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