Saturday, May 15, 2010


The Boy was a total basket case this morning.  Cranky, irrational, following me into the shower then complaining that he was wet.  There was no pleasing him.

So we took him to Rye Playland.

Kiddieland worked like a sensory gym for him.  Between the overwhelming noise, all the bright flashy spinny things to look at, and the extreme motions of the rides, Ryan was in sensory-seeking heaven.

We arrived before the park opened, so we started on the beach.
Sand on his feet, rocks to throw.  Perfect.

Then we hit all the rides - twice.  The more intense the ride, the better.  He was totally blissed out on The Whip, the roller coaster, the Jump 'N' Bean, the Flying Dragons, the Playland Express.  He was unimpressed with the slower rides, like the carousel or the antique cars. 


Bonus: he wore the admission bracelet with only a moderate level of resistance.

And in the middle of the day he wore some ice cream.

A perfect day all around.  Now I need to look into whether it's worth getting a season pass...

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  1. It was good to see you there. Glad you had fun. We bought the season pass, so maybe we'll see you there again!


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