Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Official

I tend to dread meetings at the Board of Ed, not because I've had bad experiences in previous meetings but because I know I'm supposed to be fearful.  Maybe my school district has a more responsive CPSE Chair than others, but all of our meetings over the last year and a half have been positive, and I've gotten almost everything I've wanted for Ryan.  But I still walk into that room a little anxious, fearing this will be the meeting that echoes all the horror stories I've heard from other special ed parents.

My fears have once again been laid to rest: Ryan will attend kindergarten in a small class (8 children) just for kids on the spectrum.  He will get speech therapy and OT on the same floor as his classroom.  The teachers will seek opportunities for him to interact with typical kids when appropriate.  An aide will accompany him and his classmates to the lunch room.

He will not be thrown to the wolves.

I am relieved.

And a little stunned: my baby is really going to kindergarten this fall.  When did he get so big?


  1. YAY!!!!! And I know how you feel. They grow too fast.

  2. Meredith, that is really, really wonderful news. As a teacher, it's so good to know that there are other educators out there who truly believe in the child as an individual, that each one has different needs that must be met. As a parent, I'm thrilled that your baby will be in good hands and that he will be in a place that will protect him and stretch his comfort zone when appropriate. I think that just as important as your responsive CSPE Chair is the fact that Ryan has parents who know him well and are fierce advocates for him. YOU are doing a great job!!!!


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