Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh, This Modern Age

There is now a DVR for real life.
Introducing Behavior Imaging® - a revolutionary way of capturing and storing behavior information on video. Describing a behavioral episode can be difficult - B.I. Capture® allows you to easily capture and document relevant events before, during, and after the behavior.
It's basically a webcam that's constantly buffering images, but only saves video clips if you push a button.  So if a kid has a tantrum, you push a button, and after you deal with the tantrum you can check the replay to see what triggered the episode.

The company says it's great for functional behavior assessment and makes it easier for parents to communicate a child's challenges with caregivers, because you can upload the videos to a secure server so the teachers and therapists can see the problematic behavior for themselves.

This sounds like an amazing use of technology, but it sounds a little creepy; maybe I'm just a Luddite.  And while I imagine it would be a revelatory tool if you hadn't noticed that Jimmy had stolen Johnny's toy immediately before Johnny's meltdown, I know that plenty of times I've been looking at my kid before a tantrum and saw no indications it was imminent.  But maybe that's the point: even though I've been watching, maybe I've been focused on the wrong place in the picture, and perhaps reviewing the scene on video would make everything clear.

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