Sunday, August 29, 2010

Is it time for school yet?

Ryan's IEP calls for Extended Year Services, aka summer school, because his team's Regression Statements warn he will forget everything he knows without constant drilling.  We are in the middle of that nether world between EYS and (buh buh buuuuuuh) Kindergarten - three and a half weeks of unstructured, therapy-free time.  In other words, this is when the regression happens.

Ryan actually got a jump on his summer regression and started back-peddling during the last couple weeks of summer school.  I don't really understand what precipitated this - I have a feeling he was protesting my roller derby practice schedule, but I'm also told he didn't like the way his classroom had been rearranged - but he started becoming more, shall we say, accident prone.  Like, he went from one pee accident every two or three weeks to one almost every day.  We've been working on getting him back on track, but it's slow-going.

Then, he stopped using nouns in his requests.  Now, if he's thirsty he might say, "I want more."

"More what?"


Or, more entertainingly, I'll prompt him, "What do you want?"  And he'll reply, "I want... I want... I want... I want... I want..."  And he'll repeat that until he makes himself cry unless I insert a few suggestions.

Or he might request, "I want more the thirsty drinking, in my mouth."

Or, we might have a conversation like this:
Me: "Which book should we read?" 

Ryan: "That one." (no pointing, no shift in gaze in any direction)

Me: "Which one?"

Ryan: "That one." (no pointing, no shift in gaze in any direction)

Me: "This book, or this book?"

Ryan: "That one." (looks between the books)
Similar conversations occur about the selection of snacks or determining who should read a bedtime story.

And when he does use nouns, he seems to be experimenting with phonics, which I suppose I should support, but which I actually just find annoying.  Like, he'll ask, "Can I have more Jjjhuh*.  ...Ooh.  ...Ooh.  ...Suh.  ...Huh?" 

"Can you say that as all one word, please?"

"Jjjjhuh.  ...Ooh.  ...Ooh.  ...Suh.  ...Huh..." 

I'm ready for him to go back to school, please.

* Think Jackie Mason for pronunciation.  Excessive phlegm is involved.


  1. it sound slike he is doing really well
    just remeber how some parents are prayin their child will even talk

  2. My brother went through the same bathroom function regression once when things changed with his school routine. The good news is that once he accepted the new order of things, it stopped, and he never used that coping tactic again.

    Of course Ryan is ahead of the game here, as my brother was about 10 or 11 when he went through this...


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