Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm not going to throw up.

My baby is starting kindergarten on Wednesday.  It's Sunday night and I still don't know what time school starts on Wednesday, or what time the bus will pick him up.  I don't have a school supply list.

He's three weeks shy of his fifth birthday, he has the pragmatic language and social skills of a three-year-old, and he's going to kindergarten. 

All I know is he will be in a class of eight children with autism, taught by Mrs. J, her two assistants, and a battery of therapists.  Up until this week, that has been my sole concern: to secure his place in the most supportive possible environment, with as much assistance as our school district can provide.  But now, all those practical details, like when the hell he's supposed to show up, seem pressing, and I'm a little surprised how much work it seems to be to find the simple answers I need.  I guess I'll be making a few phone calls on Tuesday.

Ryan attended three different preschools, and I was able to walk him into each of them a day or so before school started to help his transition.  This time, there's no comfy-cozy buffer period provided (though we might show up at the school unannounced on Tuesday, just to check it out).  I don't know who I'm handing my son off to, and he does not have the language to tell me about his day after the fact.  I have to rely on his new teachers to write notes home, or I have to interpret any new and unusual behaviors as possible reactions to whatever happened at school.

I'm not going to throw up.  I'm not going to throw up...


  1. Hi! I'm visitimg from the Autism Blogs Directory! I think it's a great idea to visit the school on Tuesday to help both you AND your son handle the transition. Why not, right? Maybe while you're there, you can get the info you need regarding bus pick-up time, etc.

    It sounds like your son is going to be in a great program. My daughter did kindergarten last year. She's higher=functioning, so she would tell me about it. She loved it! I bet your son will too!

    I don't know what teacher my daughter is having this year. Her school starts a week from tomorrow. I heard the letters went out last week, but we never received ours. Unfortuntely, the school office is closed until the first day of school (budget cuts). So, theoretically, there'll be no one in the office to tell us what class to go to. The first day is going to be interesting! LOL

  2. While reading this I want to throw up too! Kindergarten is the big times. My son just started Kindergarten in August and I had all of the same fears. My son has the pragmatic language and social skills as a 3 year old as well and he is 5. We are in a public school and we are dealing with some challenges. However, it sounds like you have a good school/class for your son and like you said it sounds like a supportive environment. The answers will come. Hang in there!

  3. My son started school last Wed and I am in the same boat. I just wish he could tell me about his day. I would be so reassured. I might be shopping for a camera I can hide in his clothes soon! :P good luck for Ryan and Mommy!!


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