Friday, September 10, 2010

Report from Kindergarten

Ryan came home from his first day of kindergarten in fine spirits, neither sobbing from the horrors of the day nor giddy to see me.  Since he does not have the language skills to tell me about his day, I must assume things went well for him.

Lacking input from Ryan, I'm inferring the quality of my child's educational setting from these two things:  The welcome packet that was placed in Ryan's backpack consisted of four copies of Page One stapled together and nothing else; and the stainless steel container that was in his lunch box did not come home with him. I'm left with the impression of a careless staff, lacking attention to detail and unable to handle a class of only eight kids (and there are supposed to be at least three adults in the room at all times).

These are the times, though, when I really wish he could tell me things about his day.  Is Mrs. J nice?  What songs did they sing?  Does he recognize any of the kids in the class?  Was he scared?  And what the hell happened to his lunch?

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