Friday, September 3, 2010

Thank you, Liz! And A Tale Of Three Piggies.

Just a quick note of thanks to DaMomma for inviting me over there to talk about autism and neurodiversity with her devoted readers. 

And welcome, new readers!  Stick around - something amazing might happen any second. 

Or, you know, someone might just tell the story of The Three Little Pigs. 


Ryan has been really into The Three Little Pigs lately.  He's been retelling the story with plastic animals, Play Doh, stuffed moose.  He's got most of the talking points covered, but the subtleties of the story still escape him.  Perhaps this is another sign that he's hyperlexic.  Here's a typical reenactment. 


I don't care if the plot doesn't all hold together (note that first the pigs get eaten, and then they run away), I think this is awesome.  He's demonstrating play skills he never had before.  The characters have voices.  He's (mostly) staying focused on telling the story.  He designed and built the house of sticks all by himself.  Go Captain!


  1. There are some versions where the pigs get eaten, and others where they escape. Ryan is combining the two versions of the story! I once told Ben the story of the 19 little pigs. Same story but I had to think of many other materials for building houses.

  2. awesome video! i love that ryan is creating so many details in his play world - when kids get to open play like that and use their imagination they discover so much more! (great voices, too!)


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