Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Roller Derby Update

One of my pet peeves is people who talk a lot about something to give the impression they're great at it when in reality they're mediocre at best. But a lot of you keep asking how I'm doing with roller derby, so I suppose I owe y'all a post on it.

I'm not great - there are some aspects at which I'm not even good - but I'm getting better.  And I'm having a lot of fun.
Photo by Manish Gosalia
I've reached a sort of plateau. I am painfully aware of what skills I need to develop (speed, acceleration, staying in bounds, keeping my elbows to myself), and I feel like many of the other fresh meat are picking these skills up faster than I am. It's quite frustrating.

But I'm trying. I've been to almost every practice. And I take pleasure in my own personal victories. Like last night when I fell during a scrimmage, I remembered to "fall small," which was a major help when another skater tripped over me and rolled over my head.

I'm pleased with my increased endurance. The other day I went skating along a paved woodland trail along a river. The first time I skated this route on my quad skates, back in June, I had to stop and rest on my way to a particular mile marker and a couple more times on my way back. This week, I breezed past that mile marker, went another mile or so, then turned around and made it back to my car without having rested at all, and feeling like I could have gone further.

I'm not fast, but I'm faster than I was. I'm still learning how to play the game, but I'm starting to feel like I maybe sort of know what's going on around me sometimes.

One thing I'm worried about is that the league is taking an off-season break this winter, so I will not have practice for nearly two months. That's a lot of opportunity to lose skills. And it's another two months before I'm eligible to be a rostered player. I feel so far from ready for that, anyway.

But I've got my name picked out...

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  1. I had no idea! That 1s awesome!! Please don;t leave us hanging on the name!


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