Thursday, November 18, 2010

Greatest. Conversation. Ever.

Ryan and I just had a conversation.

I think it was our longest conversation to date.

I showed him the heating pad I've been using on my knee (the latest derby-related injury). 
I said, "Wanna feel something warm and squishy?"
"Feel something warm and squishy?" He poked at the heating pad.  "What is it?"

Wow, it's very rare he will ask me to identify an object.

"That's a heating pad," I replied.

And guess what he said next?  You won't believe it.

"What's a heating pad?"

Omigod, this is huge.  I explained the purpose of a heating pad.  He continued to examine this new object.

"Open it?" he requested.

I explained that it doesn't open, and then his attention shifted to something else.

So let's mark this officially:  Age 5 - Ryan asks what an object is and what it's for.


  1. Awesome!! God is good all the time! I remember Logan's first conversation like that and how awed I was at it. It was a great feeling. I love those WOW moments!

  2. Praise God! It is wonderful to get those glimpses, even knowing that they might come and go. Sometimes a month (or longer) will go by with Little Buddy regressing and I'll think that I'm a failure. Then out of the blue, he'll do something big like this:-) It just makes your heart sing. It makes all the other days, and challenges worth it.


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