Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello, Strangers

I've been MIA for the last week because sometimes autism sucks.  Sucks my energy, sucks the air out of the room, sucks my patience.

Over the last couple of weeks, we've seen an increase in what I like to call Bastard Behavior.  This means that at the slightest hint of frustration, Ryan will hurl his body into the nearest wall, collapse on the floor, launch into a cascading whine that could grate cheese, and insist that he has hurt himself.  Alternately, he will throw the object that has caused him frustration, then throw himself on the floor to whine and scream.  Lately, this has been happening dozens of times a day.

We used to order him to stand up or urge him to be calm, but now we're just trying to ignore the Bastard Behavior altogether.  It's very hard to ignore.  And sometimes it's not possible to ignore, like if he's throwing himself into a crowd of strangers at the Holiday Train Show, or, say, hurling a large wooden toy through the glass door of my entertainment center. 
Ryan believes I can fix this.  He is wrong.
But we attempt to show him that we are actively ignoring him - I'll make a big show of standing near him while not reacting.  This has not yet made a dent in the frequency or duration of these Bastard Attacks.

I had a faint hope that this uptick in Bastard Behavior was due to his discomfort of having his first two loose teeth.  But the Tooth Fairy came twice last week, and the behavior has continued.

Ryan is very proud about losing his teeth.

He's lucky he's cute, because lately that's about the only thing that's keeping him alive.  I'll be on the verge of killing him, and he'll snuggle up to me and spontaneously say, "I yove you," and I'll melt and let the bastard live another day.

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  1. Aw Meredith....Sorry things have been tough lately : ( I have found mommyhood to take the wind out of my sails many a day and try hard everyday to change my behavior for the "appropriate" reactions to negative behavior my boys show, but I find myself questioning my decisions multiple times a day. I have lately been OVERLY reacting to good behavior When Jake/Eric share a toy or don't act up.
    Hope tomorrow is a better day and if noone has told you yet today, you are a wonderful person and mommy! Carolyn


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