Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cleaning Up for Christmas

Ryan totally cleaned up for Christmas.  Sure, he walked away with a ton of toys, but mostly, he vacuumed up lots and lots of pine needles. 

His favorite pastime this holiday season has involved my dragging out the big vacuum cleaner and him using the hose to suck up the needles that have fallen under the tree.  He will also vacuum individual needles from his fingertips, and occasionally see how much of his shirt will fit in the hose. 

When there are no needles left on the floor, Ryan shakes the tree until enough needles have fallen to satisfy his vacuuming needs. 

Consequently, the top 2/3 of my tree is green and lovely, and the bottom part is dead and bare and looks like it's been eaten by reindeer.

But it's been a wonderful holiday season.

We ended up with TWO chairs in our tree!  Thanks to Marcia for the one on the right.

Merry Christmas to all!

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