Thursday, December 23, 2010

With Blue Sprinkles On Top

Those of you who have been following the adventures of Captain Awesome for a while might remember last year's gingerbread house.  Ryan was into it.  Really into it. It seemed obvious that this would need to become an annual tradition.

This year's gingerbread house is not as richly decorated, but it has provided us with hours of cleaning fun.

I started things off on Sunday by baking a gluten-free house.  Gluten is what generally gives baked goods their structure; this house was structure-free. 

The best parts were the green sugar sprinkles 
and the gingerbread man cookie cutters - far more interesting than the cookie house.  The Little Gingerbread Boy, of course, had to go in the house.
The walls kept caving in, which frustrated Ryan so much he melted down into a tearful, screechy pile on the kitchen floor, demanding I "Fix da gingerbread house, fix da gingerbread house."  I assured him I would try again the next day, but this was thoroughly unacceptable to him at that moment.

Monday, I found another recipe and baked another house.  This one cooked up far more solid - I credit copious amounts of butter.  I glued the walls together with royal icing and imagined the messy fun ahead.

"Hey Ryan, wanna decorate the gingerbread house?"

Once again, the cookie cutters commanded his attention.

I coaxed him into making a half-hearted attempt to stick something - anything - on the house.  He chose toothpicks.
(BTW, re: Cherry Cordial M&Ms: don't waste your calories.  Stick to Pretzel M&Ms.)
Things were coming along slowly and without enthusiasm. And then Ryan found the blue sugar sprinkles. He gleefully went to work on the gingerbread house.

Then he turned his blue sugary attention to the rest of the kitchen. The windowsill. The floor. The counter. The bowl where I was keeping some onions and garlic. The radiator. The chairs.  Everything.

For those of you who are considering redecorating your homes, I can tell you that 2.25 ounces of sugar sprinkles is enough to fully cover one medium-sized room.

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  1. Speaking of meltdowns I can imagine your real estate stager fainting dead away at the sight of blue sprinkles covering your newly sterilized anonymous,ready for showing apartment.


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