Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He's a good little monkey, and always very curious

I frequently tell Ryan I don't speak Monkey, but, actually, I do.

Ryan's talent for echolalia extends beyond his species. He frequently quotes Curious George cartoons - the monkey parts, not just lines spoken by the human characters. If George makes requests or asks questions with an ooh-ooh-aah, Ryan will use these monkey words as his own script for making demands of me.

"Ooh aah?"

"Sorry, Baby, I don't speak monkey," I'll tell him. "Can you ask with people-words?"

Don't tell Ryan, but most of the time, I know exactly what my little monkey wants. His nonverbal communication skills are excellent. Between the pointing, the inflection, and my own encyclopedic knowledge of the cannon of PBS Kids, I can easily interpret Georgian requests for snacks, computer games, the location of toys... 

Now, how can I use this skill to take over the world?


  1. Just remember, George can do things you can't do. :)

  2. It always amazes me how they can hear or see something once, & have it memorized. My son does this all the time, & I'm supposed to be homeschooling him:D How am I supposed to teach someone who is smarter than me.

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your blog.
    Believing Unbeliever


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