Saturday, January 15, 2011

I am in no mood to take care of you

Roller derby is still on winter hiatus; I go back to practice in February.  Derby had become my primary stress-control outlet, which has made for a long, cranky winter.  Going to the gym provides a little exercise, and eating Cheez-its and playing sudoku is nice, but it's no substitute for the catharsis I get from skating and smacking my friends around.

Ryan is getting over some nasty virus, which turned him into a pathetic little lump for five days.  Stu has caught the bug and is in full Man Cold mode.  I am trying to ignore my symptoms so I can take care of Ryan.  Now that the boy is healthier, he has the energy to throw some wicked tantrums - and it's taking all my energy to manage them.  I've instructed Ryan to take care of himself so Mommy can get better, but he's refusing to follow my orders.

The only things getting me through this week are Diet Coke and looking forward to a skating party I'm going to next week.  Maybe I'll get to hit someone!

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