Monday, January 31, 2011

Shorties: Wokka Wokka Wokka!

Hiya hiya hiya folks! I've got some jokes for you and they are funnyyyyyyy...

Ryan and I are at my parents' house.

M: What's Daddy's name?

Ryan: Stuart!

M: What's Mommy's name?

R: Meredith!

M: What's Grandpa's name? Grandpa ___?

R: Lee!

M: And what's Grandma's name? Grandma ___?

R: TREE! (he grins and his eyes twinkle in that mischievous I-know-I'm-up-to-no-good way that I love)

M: What?!?

R: Grandma Yellow Flowers! (he looks out the window) Grandma Sky! Grandma Clouds! Grandma Squirrel!


Ryan is drawing. I've been asking him to think of something that's usually red and to draw it; draw something orange; draw something yellow... We get up to green, and he decides to draw a tree: a green cloud-type circle.

M: Where's the trunk?

Ryan adds a sideways line that curves up at the end.

M: Huh?

To clarify, Ryan trumpets like an elephant.


Ryan is eating a bowl of dry cereal. Every once in a while, I try introducing the concept that one can pour milk on cereal and eat it with a spoon; this usually results in spitting. I gave him a bit of my cereal and milk on a spoon, and he didn't gag, so I thought he was ready to try some milk in his bowl.

M: Do you want to try your cereal with milk?

Ryan (enthusiastically): YES!

He then grabs a handful of dry cereal and plunges his whole fist into his glass of milk.

ps: He tasted the wet cereal in his hand, promptly spit it out, and complained that his hand was wet.

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  1. I swear I did not hear him say Grandma Squirrel. That might have gotten him disinherited. Love and kisses, Grandma Tree.


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