Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In which my imagination gets the best of me.

Ryan usually bounces happily off the school bus; today he walked slowly, sleepily.

"He cried on the bus this morning," the driver informed me. "He didn't want to get off the bus."

I asked if this was a new thing.

"This was the second time. Happened yesterday, too."

This is the part where the mother of a typical kid would ask her child "What's wrong? Is something bad   going on at school?" And the kid would either answer the question or give some sort of ballpark indication of where the problem lay.

But, you know, Ryan can't answer questions like that.

As I ushered Ryan inside and tried to convince him to take a nap, my mind reeled with possible scenarios that would cause my baby to suddenly start resisting getting off the bus and going to school. Yesterday he had some tummy troubles, so maybe he was crying because he felt sick? Does he hate the structure of school? Is a bully - or a teacher - abusing him? Does the screaming stress him out?

If I could pull an answer directly from my (essentially) non-verbal child's head, I would in a second. Because not knowing is driving me crazy, and it's not helping Ryan, either.

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  1. How frustrating for you! Praying that you get an answer quickly. Maybe he just felt a little sick or there is a change in routine that he doesn't like. If he continues to do it then I would drop in unannounced at school to check on him.


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