Friday, March 25, 2011


The other day a disturbed person left a lengthy, disturbing, threatening comment on an old post on my blog. I know it says a lot more about his/her issues than about me, or my family, or autism, and that he probably copied and pasted the same rant on lots of related blogs to try to get his ugly voice out there, but it still upset me, and I can't get it out of my head.

I do not want to print this person's words, but I will summarize: the writer is a Republican white supremacist who believes autism is the result of failed/inattentive parenting, stemming from one's own spoiled childhood. He proudly confesses to the crime of having punched an autistic child in the face and having gotten away with it. After informing me several times how intelligent he is, he swears he will "kill ALL of you" and signs off with a "Fuck you, Amen."

There is no way I could ever hope to get through to someone with so much hatred in his heart. It upsets me to think that there are people like this in the world, so filled with ignorance and bigotry; it terrifies me that my child might someday meet one of them and become the object of their hostility. There are some real sickos in the world, and I have no idea how to protect my child from them.

And more than the death threat, more than his disgusting use of the N-word to describe our President, more than any of the other awful things this man wrote to me, what bothered me most was: what kind of monster runs around punching children in the face? What has to go wrong in one's life that this becomes a justifiable action?


  1. It might have been an internet troll, just making shit up to get a rise out of you. Which would be, frankly, not much less sad and horrifying.

  2. Yes, I tend to agree. When comments get that horrific, I just assume they are trolls from 4chan or something. It's the new form of teenage pranks. I hope you didn't take it to heart and I will definitely delete anything like that should I see it.

  3. Whomever it is that is horrible and I am so sorry you were targeted! Some people are so uninformed! And just plain stupid! I love your Blog I don't even know you, but its nice to read a blog from a mom who is dealing with some of the same issues! Thanks :0)

  4. From the other blogs I read, you are not the only one who had such comments left on there blogs by this person. It's unfortunate that someone could have so much time on their hands to spread hate.

  5. Hi Meredith,
    Well, let me tell you about my feelings on the religious right. Once upon a time, I belonged to the religious right. I was committed to being the best fundamentalist evangelical Christian I could be, because I believed this would be GOOD for my family. And I wanted to do the best job I could for my family and make my family a "godly" family.
    And then I had an autistic son. And I got the LOOKS when my child was four and not even close to potty-trained. And I got the COMMENTS behind my back when he acted like a fruitcake. And I got the silent DISAPPROVAL from families who thought I ought to be homeschooling instead of sending my kid to public preschool where he could get services. Not to mention what evangelical Christians think about the anti-depressants I turned to for post-partum depression, and the idea of clinical depression itself. The girl who was the matron of honor at my wedding actually expressed DISAPPOINTMENT that I was diagnosed with "depression" instead of a thyroid disorder.
    This made it impossible for me to turn to what I thought were my closest friends during the worst years of my life. An evangelical Christian doctor among those friends once confessed to us that until he actually had a child who was clearly ADHD, he really thought such behavior could be coped with through "proper" parenting, even though he actually TREATED such kids in his practice. This is how many evangelicals view autism as well. I have to admit I might have believed it myself had I not had an autistic child. The religious right family movement simply cannot tolerate neurologically atypical children who do not manifest physiological signs of their disorder. It can't tolerate the idea of clinical depression for the same reasons; you can't identify it with a blood test or see it through a physical anomaly, it must not be "real". Now if you have yourself a nice Down Syndrome child or a case of diabetes, you'll get love-bombed until the cows come home... yeah, I have to confess that makes me very angry.
    Unfortunately, I suspect the guy who commented really believes what he says and isn't making it up. The evangelical movement has become much uglier than it was during the early days of the '70's and the Jesus Freaks. Suffice it to say I am no longer an evangelical. I can barely even be called a Christian. I "lost my faith" because of the perspective on autism that the evangelical Bible-thumping mind-set naturally leads to. It isn't that people set out to believe this way; it's the natural conclusion that Bible fundamentalism leads to. I can say this from personal experience.
    I'm sorry to hear that you've also been hurt by the religious right. I truly wish we could erase that hateful philosophy from the face of the earth. Okay, here ends my rant. Best wishes and continued encouragement, Jen

  6. (((hugs)))) Sometimes hurting people can't do anything else but hurt other people so others are in as much pain as they are. DOn't let it get to you. God loves you and your autistic son always!

  7. I wouldn't even let it penetrate. This "person" probably spends his/her days looking to piss people off w/stupid comments. Too many morons out there, I say. I think they are starting to outnumber us.


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