Sunday, March 20, 2011

There Is A Cow On Your Head

Ryan enjoys reenacting his favorite books, tv shows, and computer games, word for word from memory. When he acts out these scripts, he is surprisingly flexible about what props he will use, and he will freely substitute the names of the objects on hand for the names of the corresponding characters in the story.

This often leads to amazingly awesome scenes.

Our favorite children's author at the moment is Mo Willems, and our favorite of his books are the Elephant and Piggie series. We've read maybe 3/4 of the series, and Ryan has memorized every word on every page. They're laid out as simple cartoons with word bubbles, so when we read them together Ryan assigns us roles and we take turns. I'll pull a book from the shelf and say, "Who do you want to be?" and Ryan will say, "I can be Piggie, and you can be Gerald!"(Gerald is the elephant; Piggie is the piggie. They're odd couple best friends.)

So, the other night during his bath, Ryan was reenacting There Is A Bird On Your Head. For those unfamiliar with this modern classic, Gerald is alarmed to discover a bird sitting on his head. The bird is soon joined by a second bird, and soon there's a nest full of chicks on top of this poor elephant. Piggie suggests Gerald ask the birds to go somewhere else. They gladly oblige - and move their nest over to Piggie's head.
 Ryan had brought an odd assortment of plastic toys to the bathtub that evening: a polar bear, an alligator, a stingray, a large frog, two Lego cows, a crab, and an ear of corn. For his reenactment of There Is A Bird On Your Head, the role of Gerald the Elephant was played by the frog, and the role of Piggie was played by the crab.

Without further ado, I present the first 23 pages of:


Gerald Frog: Piggie Crab! Is there something on my head?

Piggie Crab: Yes. There is a bird cow on your head.

Frog: There is a cow on my head? AAAAAAAGH!!! (he runs away) Is there a cow on my head now?

Crab: No. Now there are TWO cows on your head!

Frog: (shouting) What are two cows doing on my head?

Crab: (delighted) They are in love!

Frog: (disgusted) The cows on my head are in love?

Crab: (even more delighted) They are love cows!

Frog: (in disbelief) Love cows! How do you know they are love cows?

Crab: They are making a nest alligator! (Ryan tried to balance the alligator on top of the frog; it didn't want to stay there. Unphased, Ryan tried a new substitution.) They are making a nest cup! (Ryan upended the large plastic cup I use to rinse his hair and placed it over the frog.)

At this point, I was laughing too hard to follow the rest of the story, so I can not tell you what ended up hatching from the cows' eggs. You'll just have to use your imagination.

By the way, I can not say enough positive things about the Mo Willems cannon. And his website has a couple of cute games - check them out with your kids (or without them) - you can even dress up a naked mole rat.

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  1. Our children share good taste in literature. If Kayla knew how to operate a can of spray paint she would tag "Mo Willems is God" across the walls of her nursery school.


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