Monday, May 23, 2011

Party! Party! Party! Party!

When Ryan stepped off the school bus this afternoon, he was ready to party.

He declared his intention by reciting a Curious George script, in which The Doorman outlines for George what he needs to throw a party for the Man in the Yellow Hat:

"A is for Apartment, B is for your Buddies, C is for Cake, and D is for decorations!"

He repeated this a few times to make sure I understood.

"Oh, should we make a party?" I asked.

"A is for Apartment, B is for the Bodies..." Yeah, we worked on that for a bit...

Once we were in our Apartment, I told him to round up his buddies; he grabbed a certain orange T-Rex* from Dinosaur Train.

Then we made cupcakes. Really mediocre gluten-free mini cupcakes with no icing. They must have been good enough for Ryan's purposes; he later helped himself to at least three of them.

And while the cupcakes were baking, we made Decorations. Ryan made a sign that says "WE LOVE DADDY," and a picture of lots of flowers. I think he was trying to tell me he wanted to get a vase of real flowers, but I pretended not to understand him and directed him toward making a picture instead.

Then Ryan drifted into another Curious George episode, in which George learns to make a pinata for a party. Clearly, we were not going to be able to have a proper party without making a freaking pinata.

I made some (gluten free!) papier mache batter and showed Ryan how to tear paper into long strips. Those of you who have been reading The Ryan Files for a while will not be at all surprised that Ryan didn't so much want to touch the papier mache. I watched as he wrestled with the simultaneous desires to make a pinata and to keep his hands clean. The desire to stay clean won, but it won quietly, pleasantly, without tears.

So, with Buddies, Cake, and Decorations in our Apartment, Ryan was satisfied. He didn't need to go through the motions of having a party - the good time was in the preparation.

And when Stu came home from work, Ryan shouted "Surprise!"

Boyfriend certainly knows how to party.

* The character's name is Buddy.

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  1. Is he getting ready for Grandma's birthday? Wow! I'd love a party with a pinata.


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