Friday, May 27, 2011

Stay in your lane.

I just put a tearful Ryan on the school bus. I tried my best to figure out what he was crying about, but eventually I had to carry this sobbing mess of child to the bus and wave goodbye. It wasn't the first time, it probably won't be the last.

My busybody downstairs neighbor was walking her little drop-kick yappy dog (named Princess, of course) when the bus pulled away. This woman has an opinion on everything concerning how I should raise my child; when he was an infant, she admonished me for washing his clothes in the building's laundry room, declaring that it was full of germs and she would feel safer hand-washing a baby's spit-up-on onesies.

"What school does he go to? Oh, and he gets to take the bus! How lucky!"

I said something about how the school district's budget cuts mean only special ed students get bus service. Immediately I realized this was a can of worms I didn't need to open, but it was too late.

"He doesn't look special ed to me!"

Yeah, that's supposed to be a compliment or something, right?

"Well, he is."

Exhibit A; the boy participating in "Very Special Olympic Day," a field day for all the special ed classes in our district. BTW, he cheated at all the games.
"Where I come from," she declared in her lilting Jamaican accent, "we don't have all these special ed problems. We just give some good discipline and..."

At this point, I knew this conversation would go nowhere. I thought of the many elegant explanations I could give about the benefits of special education, or the observations I could make about living conditions in her native land, or the response I most wanted to give ("Where I come from, we mind our business.")

But instead I just said, "I don't want to hear this from you," and I walked ahead of her into the building, closing myself in the elevator before giving her a chance to ride up in it with me.

In the immortal words of one of my favorite daytime tv judges, Stay in your lane, I know how to drive this car.


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  1. Oh my goodness! I hate those words and really wish the people who uttered them could walk a day in our shoes to realize how ignorant they are. Sorry you had to go through this.


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