Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Animals! Dear God, the Animals!

The Animals have taken over our lives.

First they took over Ryan's bed.

Then they invaded the bathroom.

Now, they are everywhere. Unstoppable.

They play outside:

They use the computer:

They listen to music:

They watch tv:

They walk from room to room:

And they talk on Ryan's behalf. When Ryan is thirsty, he will hold up a dinosaur, pinch his mouth closed like a bad ventriloquist, and the dinosaur will inform me, "Ryan's thirsty." The animals will also answer questions when Ryan doesn't feel up to the task - they're very helpful.


  1. Oh yeah- Besides leaving a moose at Grandma's house, Ryan left a letter T.

  2. Looks like they have good taste in music, anyway :)


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