Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We now return to our regularly scheduled life.

Stu and I have been married for ten years. We dated on-and-off for three or four years before that. We have nothing in common, but things work well enough that we no longer need to speak to one another in complete sentences.

To celebrate our anniversary, we left Ryan with my parents and jetted off to Jamaica for a long weekend. The last time we had been in Jamaica was on our honeymoon. I could make it sound all romantic like we chose Jamaica because we had honeymooned there, but really, we booked this trip based on where we could get an easy and affordable direct flight from a convenient airport.

Our selection of hotel was based on similarly-practical criteria, like being close enough to the airport that we wouldn't waste too much of our vacation on a bus, staring at filthy shantytowns out one window and glittering resorts out the other, and feeling guilty about our good fortune to be able to vacation comfortably in paradise.

Our hotel boasts the largest water park in the country; this consists of two waterslides and a lazy river. Consequently, there were lots of families vacationing there. Watching other people taking care of their kids gave me a constant reminder to be thankful for my temporary lack of such responsibilities. I'm happy to watch adorable British children splash each other and play peekaboo with their placemats, as long as I am under no obligation to interact with them.

A break from responsibility. A break from autism. The freedom to walk along the beach whenever I wanted, or stay in bed as late as I wanted, or enjoy fruity rum-based drinks at all hours of the day. The chance to just sit and read - and to finish books in one sitting. A break from tantrums and reading food labels and coaching someone through putting on his clothes.

Three nights of perfect freedom.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for babysitting. And for giving us a much-needed break.

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