Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Encyclopedia Ryanica, Vol. 1

Ryan may not be able to tell you what he did at school today or ask why the sky is blue, but he is a font of factual information. Whenever one of a handful of topics is mentioned, Ryan will tell you what he believes is most important for you to know; as he repeats these lessons with great frequency and consistency, it seems only right to share them with you here.

Here is Everything You Need to Know, according to Ryan:

On stop signs:
"Stop sign is a octagon, it has eight sides and four letters, S-T-O-P."

On zebras and tigers:
"It has stripes."

On milk:
"Cows love it."

On cows:
"Cows love milk."

On bananas:
"Monkeys love them. Bananas are yellow. They have stickers on them."

On butterflies:
"They got to turn into a caterpillar, turn into a cocoon."

On the letter C*:
"It's got to go between the B and the D."
* similar information also available on most other letters and numbers

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  1. Hey, that really is about all we need to know, isn't it?


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