Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We got to save the peacock!

A peacock has escaped from the Central Park Zoo.

I made the mistake of reporting this news to Ryan this morning while we were getting ready for school.

Now Ryan thinks we're on a Nick Jr.-style animal rescue mission.

"We got to FIND the peacock!"

OK, I say. We can look for the peacock after school.

"We got to go to the zoo! We got to SAVE the peacock!"

I explain that the peacock is wandering around the city somewhere - it may even have walked all the way up to our neighborhood, right where the school bus is about to pull up, so why don't we go look for it in front of our building right now?

"We got to go to the zoo and find the peacock!"

So apparently I'm picking him up from school this afternoon and driving straight to the Bronx Zoo. There's an animal in trouble somewhere...


  1. Please let Ryan know that it flew home on its own (no need for a flyboat). Do you remember a few weeks back a peahen escaped the Bronx Zoo? When I was there with the girls I took pix of a peahen with chicks, and thought maybe she had been looking for a better school district.


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