Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Play: Stupid Ball™

Ryan's favorite game is an activity of his own invention that Stu and I have dubbed Stupid Ball™. Here's how you play:

1) Select a toy that has a lot of (preferably small) pieces. For this example we will use 2" long rubbery bananas.

2) Note how many items you have. In our example, there are 24 bananas.

3) Hide your bananas all over the house. You may hide them in groups of no more than 4 items in a single location. You can reuse some hiding places you have used before, but try to get creative for at least two of your groupings.

4) Search for all the bananas.

5) Forget where you hid half of them.

6) Get frustrated. Cry. Have a tantrum. This is the most important step. Do not skimp here - be dramatic about it.

7) Get your parents to help you find the remaining bananas. "Helping" means finding all the bananas while you have a fit. Do not accept any results shy of perfection: finding only some (or even all but one) of the bananas is unacceptable.

8) When all items have been gathered, repeat step 3. Game can be played as many times as you wish.

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