Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two new reasons I'm proud of my kid

Ryan's outgrowing his autism-only classroom. He needs typical kid models. He needs to interact with typical kids. He needs to get out of that creepy little room.

Starting next week, Ryan and an aide will go to an inclusion class at the school's main building for math class every day. He will also join that class for library time, which will provide even more opportunities for social interaction. I'm thrilled - and all that is one new reason I'm proud of my kid.

The other reason? My kid mouthed off at his teacher.

Mrs. B. told me about this in the context of "When he wants to, he can really talk." Apparently she was trying to get him to do something he didn't want to do, he got mad, and he shouted at her, "You're a stupidhead!"

At first when Mrs. B. told me this, I was appalled. I didn't even know that he knew such a word! But upon further reflection, I'm delighted that Ryan chose to use words to express his feelings. He didn't hurl himself against a wall. He didn't throw things. He didn't cry and scream. He used (naughty) language, addressed to the person who was making him angry.

It has taken three years of therapies to get Ryan to this day: able to express himself with words and without self-injury, on the brink of mainstreaming.

He's going to be ok.

He is ok.

He's more than ok.

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  1. Funny when you get to celebrate that! I just told someome today that Logan was exhibiting age appropriate behaviors. Too bad it was eye rolling and other teenage behavior. :)


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