Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dirty little secret from a Published Author

I have a confession: I'm not an expert. At anything.

In the couple of months I've been a "published author," I've learned that having your name on the cover of a book lends you an aura of legitimacy, whether or not it's deserved.

Because of the book, fantastic opportunities have been coming my way recently - write an article for our magazine! join a committee to help make our museum exhibit more autism-friendly! come talk to our support group! - and I'm totally in awe. I'm grateful as hell, but I feel like I need to preface my participation with huge disclaimers:

- I have no academic background in this stuff, unless you count Google University. I'm an MFA, not an MD or a PhD.

- I only have first-hand experience with one child, and he swims near the shallow end of the spectrum. And some days I want to sell him to the circus.

- I've only given a handful of in-school talks, and I modeled half of my talk on one recounted in someone else's blog.

But hey, if you're cool with all that, I'm happy to take that brilliant opportunity you're throwing me. Let's go!


Shameless plug: Ben Has Autism, Ben Is Awesome is available direct from Jason and Nordic Publishers.

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