Thursday, January 5, 2012

Everything old is new again.

That damn yellow chick is missing.



Remember the weeks and weeks of anxiety that started this summer about various lost toys? Remember the relentless meltdowns every time Ryan remembered that his yellow chick / giraffe / cow / frog was gone?

I thought we were past that. I thought he was over it.

I should never underestimate this boy's memory.

Returning to school after a vacation tends to churn things up in Ryan's head. For the couple of weeks it takes him to transition back to the school routine, we tend to see lots of regressive behavior - more meltdowns, more scripting, and sometimes the return of weird phases we thought had passed for good.

So this morning, while Ryan was fretting about the pain his loose tooth is causing him, it should not have shocked me when he let loose an anguished wail and screeched, "The yellow chick is lost! Got to find it, Mommy!"

Yes, you lost it on the school bus last July.

No, we can not find it.

Let's table this conversation for another six months.

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