Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From Grapes to Applesauce

When a child can not speak much, it is easy to forget - or worse, not realize - that his brain is still absorbing and processing information; that he knows far more than he lets on. And when you can see glimmers of what's swirling around inside his head, it can take your breath away.

The other night I asked Ryan to tell Daddy what we had done that day.

No response.

"Where did we go this morning?"

Blank stare.

I tried to lead him: "We went to the...?"


"To the sssss..."


I modeled the answer: "We went to the supermarket."

Stu tried to make conversation with Ryan: "What did you get at the supermarket?"

Ryan: "We got all the food."

Stu: "Oh wow! What's the first food you got?"

Ryan: "Grapes."

Holy crap. I realized he was right: grapes were the first item he put into the shopping cart.

Stu tested Ryan's memory further: "What was the last thing you bought?"

Ryan (after a brief, thoughtful pause): "Applesauce."

Again, correct. It is possible that he remembers our entire grocery purchase, including the order in which we picked up each item. But there's no way I could really test him on this, because I sure don't remember that.

I would kill for the memory this child has. Now if only I could find a way to use his powers for eeeeevil....

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