Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tag Trouble...or not.

For about three days, Ryan decided that Clothing Shall Not Have Tags. This was not based on a sensory aversion, as you might have expected; this was an aesthetic choice. The issue is that Clothing Shall Not Have Writing Inside.

Suddenly, the underwear he's been wearing for a year became unacceptable because the laundering instructions are printed on the inside of the fabric (those "tagless tags" that can't possibly itch). Pants that he's worn a hundred times without issue became untouchable because they have washing instructions attached. And when I offered to cut the tags out, Ryan had a fit: the clothes had already been tainted, so scissors wouldn't help.

Writing on the front of a shirt seemed to be perfectly acceptable. Sweatpants with a small logo were borderline. The tag in his jacket went entirely without comment.

And then as suddenly as his complaints started, they stopped.

I just can't keep up with the rules around here.

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