Friday, March 9, 2012

Aidan is Awesome!

A friend of a friend sent a copy of Ben Has Autism, Ben Is Awesome to her autistic 5-year-old son's class to help his neurotypical classmates understand autism. The kids loved the book so much they were inspired to write one of their own.

In "Our Friend Aidan" each student drew a picture and wrote about why they like their classmate Aidan. The boy's mother was brought to tears reading page after page of loving captions:

"We play basketball."

"I like to sit next to him."

"Aidan is good at Math"

Aidan is awesome. 

And his friends know it. 

I'm over the moon that my little book helped make this moment happen.

I wish all of our kids could have a teacher like Aidan's - one who fosters an environment in which every child feels supported and important enough to be the subject of his own book.

To get your own copy of Ben Has Autism, Ben Is Awesome, visit Jason & Nordic.

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  1. This is a good news. I also hope more teachers will be like Aidan's! As a pre-service teacher, I understand the importance of including educational materials that reflect the students in my class. I have made a commitment to do this when I have my own class. It plays a huge part in building a supportive classroom environment, fostering understanding among peers and makes a big difference when students can see themselves reflected in the pages of the books their teacher has chosen for the classroom.


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