Thursday, March 15, 2012

Positive Negatives

See this logo?

You've probably seen this logo thousands of times. The blue and orange letters, the mix of upper-case and lower-case, the way the letters touch each other.

Did you notice there's a big white arrow in it?

Look at the negative space between the E and the X.

I guarantee you that from now on, every time you see this logo, you will not only notice the arrow, but you will feel astonished that you had never noticed it before. It's so obvious once it's pointed out! How could I have missed it?!

Today Ryan shook his head No and nodded his head Yes. And in that moment, Stu noticed for the first time that Ryan has never done either of those things before.

If you had asked him, "Does Ryan ever nod his head to say Yes?" he probably would have answered correctly after giving the matter some thought, but he had never seen that negative space before.

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  1. I didn't see the head shaking, but I sure had the best conversations with Ryan over the past few days. Better watch out - he's telling Grandma everything!


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