Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The worst part of all.

I have a lot of fears about how Ryan will react to this upcoming move. I assume we're going to see lots of tantrums, uncontrollable behaviors we have not seen in months, extra laundry - stuff that even typical kids might work through during a major transition.

But what will we do without Chrissy?

Ryan's first time touching Play Doh without crying, courtesy of Chrissy.
Chrissy has been in Ryan's life for nearly four years- since the first week he had an IEP.* She's like a member of the family. Ryan adores her and trusts her and loves their time together. Chrissy knows exactly how far Ryan will tolerate being pushed, and then she manages to push him juuuust a little bit farther. Chrissy Time is as close to sacred as anything in our house.

Sure, there are other SEITs** closer to our new home, but they're not Chrissy. And yeah, we could drive an hour and meet up with Chrissy every once in a while if her schedule can accommodate it, but not every week.

Moving will bring many changes, but none as hard as this one.

Hey Chrissy, the new house has an awesome guest room...

* IEP = Individualized Educational Program - the all-important document that establishes what Special Ed services a child will receive.

**SEIT = Special Education Itinerant Teacher - a special ed tutor who helps a child generalize the skills he learns at school and apply them to the rest of his life.

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  1. It is tough to leave a cherished member of the team isn't it? Praying that God will send a new Chrissy into your new life in CT as quickly as possible and that the transition will be less than you fear. ((((hugs)))))


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